Business Services

Professional support for all your company affairs, including:

  • Recruitment - process review, response handling, screening, interviewing, shortlisting and arranging appointments
  • Human Resources – advice, guidance, process review and administration
  • Start-up business support
  • General administration 
  • Events – conferences, corporate, marketing and social.

Personal Services

Assistance for you and your family at home might include:

  • Emails, telephone calls and diary management
  • Holiday/travel research and booking
  • Household management, such as liaising with and overseeing contractors, suppliers and other household staff
  • Organising social events
  • Sourcing specialist traders
  • Personal admin including utilities comparison research.


These lists are not exhaustive so please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements and I will send you a free, no obligation quote. Should you decide to go ahead we can meet face to face (please see COVID-19 policy) or virtually to plan how we can work towards finding your perfect solution tailored to your business needs.